Event Spotlight: Kawaii Day at Japan House


Japan House is a home and anime goods store located at 1801 S Dairy Ashford Rd in Houston, Texas. This weekend, they held a "Kawaii Day" where they had a fashion show to showcase various Japanese fashion styles, a few local businesses vending "kawaii" or cute items, and had a nail tech in the store to do kawaii decorated nails. Local vendors were Otome Neko , Cutie Bunni, and The Smallest Giraffe, each selling their own kawaii trinkets, jewelry and items. It was a delight to see the different ways they express kawaii through their items. While some items were pastel and sweet, others were dark and gothic- while maintaining their cute aspect. I'm just sad I didn't get to buy more!

Before the fashion show, I had a chance to browse the store and found some amazing products at pretty fair prices. The store itself reminded me of Houston businesses "Moshi Moshi" and the now closed down "FitJapan"  mashed into one Japanese goods superstore; authentic japanese goods covering every wall shelf and display case.  Even exclusive items that MJP assistant, Melody BunBun,  knew to be sold out on places like Sanrio.jp were among the stores exclusive inventory.

Melody and I were both apart of the small fashion show that showcased 4 different styles:

-YumeKawaii (fashion with dreamy motifs  )

-Uchuu Kei (fashion with space motifs)

-Lolita Fashion ( fashion inspired by victorian, gothic, and baroque eras)

-Ouji fashion ( the masculine counterpart of lolita fashion)

All seven models stood at the front of Japan House, and curious shoppers watched in awe as we explained our outfits. The presentation was very short, so as to allow shoppers to go about their business, and each model was given a goodie bag filled with various Japanese shampoos, conditioners, a face mask and some delicious melon pan. 

I definitely think that Japan House Houston is a new hub for all my kawaii needs!